About TriceNARI

They say, "Men are from mars women are from venus". Why? Because there are fundamental psychological differences between the two genders and they have different emotional requirements. We at TriceNARI understand what a woman feels, what a woman needs and thus we extend a hand of friendship towards every woman - because "TriceNARI is a friend that every woman deserves" :)
Women often dedicate their lives serving their families; starting from parents, siblings to inlaws and children; while sacrificing their own needs, their hobbies, their passion and what not. At some point they realize that they need more from life, they want to do something for their own selves, but they do not know where to start or what to do or who to ask.
Are you sailing in the same boat? Well, TriceNARI comes to your rescue. TriceNARI is that friend who understands your problem, provides you the solution and helps you to implement that solution as well. Whether you are trying to find the passion of your life or to achieve something or to simply enjoy your time, TriceNARI can help you do that all. Wondering how? Here's how:

Networking Events

TriceNARI often organizes online and offline events for you to broaden your network. At times, these could be based on a particular theme or a specific interest/hobby and sometimes these could be open to all fields/areas. You can keep an eye on the upcoming events to find the ones that interests you.

Fun Gatherings/Celebrations

If you have stopped having fun and enjoying every day of your life, you have stopped living, no? We encourage you keep the child inside you alive and to help you do so we keep organising fun activities where you can participate and have a great time with fellow women. Nobody judges each other here whether you act normal or abnormal :)

Platform to showcase you talent

Do you have a skill to boast but no audience. Well, not anymore. Find the audience for you talent and show it off like a pro. Write a post, create a video or host an event, just anything you'd like to do. Get in touch with our Expert NARI team to understand about different ways you can use to showcase your skill

Learn that skill you always wanted

If you have dreamt of doing something since long, but didn't get the courage to do it or couldn't find ways to learn it - you can do it now. Is that painting, dancing, cooking? Come on now, tell us about it and we can add wings to your flight to this journey

Follow Your Passion

You just love music, don't you? Oh no no, you are a yoga practitioner. No, what? a traveller? Wow! Follow your passion to the max. It can get you fame, money and all the success you can dream of. Not sure how? Leave it to us. Get onboard and rest will follow.

Learn from Super Women's stories

Numerous women who are just like you were lost at one point in their life. The collected all the courage they could and achieved something that the world is proud of. You can be the next. Check out their stories or share yours!

Create business opportunities

We understand that a lot of women have always wanted to stand on their feet and be independent. Believe us, each of us is capable enough, it is just a mind block that restricts some of us while the others gather their courage and succeed. TriceNARI can be that little push you need along with all the help and guidance to start your venture.

Have a friend by your side

Have you slowly lost connection with all your friends? Do you miss that one sister-like connection who can support you just as you are. Who can listen to all the crap you want to utter or the frustration that you want to vent out? Or simply someone who understands you? Get connected with our NARI Friends and get a friend for life