About TriceNARI

Women are inherently nurturing and selfless. From childhood, they learn essential life skills while caring for their parents and siblings. As they mature into adulthood and get married, they extend this care to their husbands, in-laws and children, dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to their families. Years pass by, and with time, a realization dawns upon them. They have spent their lives selflessly, prioritizing the needs of others above their own. Their dreams, passions, and desires have quietly taken a backseat amidst their caregiving journey.

There comes a moment when they start to feel a strong desire inside. An unspoken desire to reclaim their own identity, to pursue their dreams and discover their passions once more. But then, they stand at a crossroads, unsure of where to begin, seeking a path to rediscover themselves and their purpose. That's where TriceNARI steps in to help - because "TriceNARI is a friend that every woman deserves" :)

TriceNARI is like a trusted friend who understands your challenges, offers solutions, and supports you in making them work. Whether you're seeking your life's passion, aiming to achieve a goal, or just wanting to enjoy life, TriceNARI is here to guide you every step of the way. Wondering how? Here's how we make it happen:

Networking Events

TriceNARI arranges both online and in-person gatherings where you can connect with like-minded individuals. Whether it's a themed event or open to various interests, we host opportunities for you to expand your network. Keep an eye out for upcoming events that resonate with your passions.

Fun Gatherings/Celebrations

If you've stopped enjoying life, you've stopped living, right? We encourage you to keep your inner child alive. Life should be enjoyable! We organize fun activities where you can relax and have a great time with other women. It's a safe space and judgment-free zone where you can truly be yourself.

Showcase your talent

Do you have a special skill or passion? We provide platform for you to show it off and shine, whether it's writing, creating videos, or hosting events. Our team of experts can help you get started.

Learn New Skills

If you've always dreamed of doing something but haven't found the courage or opportunity to pursue it—whether it's painting, dancing, cooking, or any other passion—now is your chance! Share your dream with us, and we'll empower you to make it happen.

Follow Your Passion

You adore music, right? Or perhaps you're passionate about yoga? Oh, wait—are you a traveler? Fantastic! Follow your passion to the fullest. It can bring you fame, money, and all the success you dream of. Not sure where to start? Let us handle that. Join us, and the rest will fall into place.

Learn from Super Women's stories

Many women, just like you, have faced moments of uncertainty in their lives. They gathered all their courage and achieved remarkable things that inspire the world. You could be the next success story. Explore their journeys or share your own!

Create business opportunities

We know many women have wanted to be independent and stand on their own. Believe us, every one of us has the ability, but sometimes fear holds some back while others find the courage to succeed. TriceNARI can give you that extra push and all the support and guidance you need to start your own journey.

Have a friend by your side

Have you lost touch with your friends? Do you miss having a sister-like connection who accepts you just as you are and supports you no matter what? Someone to listen to everything you need to say, whether it's frustrations or just sharing thoughts? Or maybe you just want someone who understands you? Connect with our NARI Friends and get a friend for life